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The best Spring coats

First ray of sunshine and I'm ready to ditch my winter coats. In fact, they are already tucked away in storage, after a round of dry-cleaning, lavender satchels hanging on the hangers and placed in the pockets (keeps the pesky moths away) 

Of course, two weeks into supposed Spring, freezing in my first designated made-for milder-temps coat - I hurry to H&M and buy a bomber coat for $15. On sale. Great bargain. Always a risky business being too hasty with packing away the winter ❄️ wear.  Unless you live in Los Angeles. You probably don't even own a coat. I grew up coatless; sweaters? Sure. A leather fringe jacket I absolutely had to have? Oh yes. But never a coat. 

Now, the places I call home - New York and Vienna - have nice long coat seasons. At least 180 days out of 365 of coat weather. We don't want to wear the same coat all the time. While the underneath remains steadfast - at least in my case - I am a freelancer after all (jeans, tshirt, sweater paired with sneakers or boots) the coat must change. With a change of coat, your entire look does change. Here's to diversity and the best Spring coats. 


Filippa K cotton trench

a classic that never goes out of style - please note the color: eggshell, beige, ivory - these are the tones you don't want to miss in your Spring wardrobe. 


photo via Bill Cunningham and the New York Times. Spring invites color so go for your favorite. Bright sunshine loves bright colors. 


Leather jacket seen at Louis Vuitton fall winter 2017. This LV has a classic yet cool cut and is another must in a coat lady's wardrobe. Works with jeans, works with skirts. A staple worth investing a little more in.  


Fabulous leather coat on that Russian chick who runs Büro24, photographed by Phil Oh. Let's face it: leather coats are not suited for wet weather hence perfect for a cool Spring day. 


photo and outfit courtesy of 6397. My minimalistic heart sings. And this is a trench we all need.  


Marni suede coat seen at

for me this coat is California dreamin. My dream Spring coat. In a perfect chocolate brown.  

Hail Spring lovelies.  Looking for a great coat - I will find. That's what I do. 

You will only find inspiration within you and not the face of the moment

The shoes of a dancer 💃

The shoes of a dancer 💃